Breaking Down the Walls Middle School FAQ’s

Who is the program designed for?

The program is designed for 6th - 8th grade students. Most of the workshops are structured to include one grade, but can be a combo of 7th/8th or 6th/7th if desired.

Each workshop will include 80 students & 10 adults. The standard 2-day program will include 240 students in the workshop portion of the experience.

Is there planning my team needs to be prepared for?

Yes. A logistics email will be sent 6 weeks in advance sharing all the details for planning. We recommend a few staff members to help with the details.

It says 10 adults per workshop. What adults can be utilized?

We highly encourage all staff members to attend at least one workshop if at all possible. This is a great way for the adults to become more “human” to students and a great way to get to know students outside the classroom walls.

We have seen everyone from teachers, counselors, cafeteria staff, custodians, coaches and PTA members volunteer for a workshop. Parents can also be used if needed, but we ask that they are in a workshop that does not include their own student.

Generally the gym is used for the assembly and workshops. We request the largest room on campus possible since the workshops will take participants through a series of collaborate activities.

What type of facility is needed for the experience?