Breaking Down the Walls High School FAQ’s:

Who is the program designed for?

Breaking Down the Walls is designed to be a blend of grades, but mostly targets the middle classmen. At a standard high school, we recommend 15% freshmen, 35% sophomores, 35% juniors, and 15% seniors.

Having the older students blended with the younger students provides the right amount of maturity and leadership to make the program successful.

We do not offer single grade level programs.

Is there planning my team needs to keep in mind?

Yes. A logistics binder will be sent via email 6 weeks in advance sharing all the details for planning. We recommend a team of at least 2 - 3 adults and a few student leaders to help with all the pre-program details.

How does the schedule work?

We give your planning team a mock schedule to use to prepare for the program. Our team is flexible on start/end time and will help you design what works best with your campus timing.

What type of space is needed for this activity?

We request access to the gym for both the assembly and workshops.

You can host the student leader training in the gym, cafeteria or other large open room on campus.