During 30+ years of wandering the continent, visiting schools and listening to school people share their joys and frustrations, Phil Boyte has learned a lot about building great school culture.

In this podcast you will hear examples Phil has seen work to enhance school culture, stories from some of his heroes in education, and simple ideas to start implementing on your campus today!

We invite you along on this listening journey. You will hear simple and transformative stories about building community, vulnerability, and trust on your campus. No matter what role you play, we believe everyone has a hand in creating a school no one will want to leave.


Episode #39 - 4 BOOKS TO CONSIDER


On this mini podcast episode, Phil Boyte shares 4 books he would highly recommend picking up to build a great culture. He shares a simple concept he found helpful from each book and reasons to pick them up today!

Looking for your next good read? Listen in today!

Episode #38 - 3 Ideas for the new semester


On this mini podcast episode, Phil Boyte shares three simple ideas to kick-off the second half of the year. He shares 2 simples ideas for the classroom and 1 idea for the hallway. Looking for easy, yet impactful ways to create connections? Check this podcast out today.

Episode #37 - Connected Classroom

On this episode, Phil Boyte and Jason Jedamski share the importance of building great relationships in the classroom. They talk about the design for a brand new resource called Connected Classroom; a strategic online course (which provides a simple system), that equips teachers to build relationships through PLAY which grows TRUST and engages students to LEARN.

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Episode #36 - Azul TERRONEZ

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On this episode, we interview Azul Terronez, an international leader in project-based learning, educational entrepreneurship, and innovative practices. Azul has worked in a variety of roles within education and has so much to share about healthy schools.

During the podcast, Azul and Phil talk about the power of classrooms focused on relationships first and creating a community of care. Azul shares about the importance of celebrating mistakes, an awesome project called “design a classroom,” and how to stay fresh in the classroom.

Episode #35 - Becky Latham


On this episode, we interview Becky Latham, the leadership teacher at Keithley Middle School in Washington state.

Becky talks about how she has seen culture on her campus grow rich by being open to feedback, saying YES more, and making her leadership programs more accessible. Working at a school with a high number of students with adverse childhood experiences (ACES), Becky and her team have been very intentional to find ways of involving students early on to give them the skills and motivation they need to be great leaders.