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“This conference was the most meaningful and applicable conference I’ve attended in my 16 years in education.”

– Melissa Brennan, VP, Pine Hollow Middle School

The Summit is a two-day workshop giving teams a reminder of the why and how to build great culture on campus.

Who should attend: 

  • Select 3 - 5 staff members, including at least one administrator, one activities or leadership teacher, and other influential people on campus. 

Topics covered: 

  • Who and what drives school culture,  the Culture Pyramid, and our [Play, Trust, and Learn] philosophy.

  • Culture levers to build thriving staff and student culture.

  • Activities to help move a staff  from silos to collaboration.

  • Tools to brainstorm new ideas and time to create an action plan for your specific campus needs.


$699 per person (USD). Includes two-day workshop, a light breakfast and buffet lunch on both days.

“I am not sure what I was expecting for these two days, but it was more than I ever could have hoped for! I can’t wait to take ideas our group came up with back to school and help improve an already great school. Phil and Shyana gave us the confidence to follow through with ideas that have been swimming on the periphery for quite some time.”
— Kelly Abrams, Teacher and Coach at Thousand Oaks High School