Professional Development FAQ’s

How many adults can be included?

The ideal workshop would have a max of 150 adults, but if your group is larger we can explore having an additional presenter co-facilitate the experience. This can be a mix of classified and non-classified staff members.

Where should we host the workshop?

We highly recommend an off-site location to create a neutral space. Often times there are local community centers, golf courses or hotels that rent spaces out. Some schools partner with a local church and can get a space free or very cheap.

Room requirements: We ask for a large open room with chairs to begin in the front of the room. We will need plenty of open space to do the collaborative activities. We also ask for a projector, screen, and cordless microphone.

What types of activities will be included?

This workshop will be highly collaborative. The presenter will set the tone and context within the first hour and then jump into the more active part of the day. Expect a mix of large group, small group and 1:1 conversations.