Episode #41 - 4 things that "make it or break it" for Week of Welcome - Guest Corissa Stobing

On this episode, Phil interviews Corissa Stobing, the Director of Activities at Ygnacio Valley High School in California, about the 4 things that "make it or break it" for a Week of Welcome. Corissa has learned so many valuable lessons when designing a great week for both staff and students! Listen in as she shares things they have learned about what activities to include, how to involve staff in decision making, and how to use this week to launch a great year! 

4 “Make it or Break it’s” Recap:

  1. Work with staff to build the week

  2. Pick a theme and keep it simple

  3. Make the week sustainable

  4. Try something new!

A little about Corissa:

Corissa Stobing has been at Ygnacio Valley High for 17 years, and in an Activities role for the last 15. She has taught Renaissance, ASB Leadership, Freshman Leadership as well as all levels of English and ELD. Corissa brought Link Crew, Breaking Down the Walls and Week of Welcome to YVHS. She believes in creating opportunities for building relationships on campus in order to create a positive culture. Corissa truly believes Phil's statement, " create a school that nobody wants to leave," and strives to make YVHS that place for her students. 

To get in touch with Corissa by emailing her at: stobingc@mdusd.org